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"Dear Joel & The Global Crew,     
    I wanted to thank you for your encouragement & support. I gave my 2 week notice after 12 years of working at a job I can't say I had any passion for. My income from Global started to rival my main jobs income after only 4 months. After 6 months of our CBD income matching my current jobs income, my wife said that she'd support me submitting my resignation and pursuing GlobalCBD.com's Nano CBD Affiliate Program full time. Best support, best percentages, the best cause, and your training on Nano CBD has not only changed things for my personal life, but also for all those I care about around me. CBD for Zayn is one of the best programs I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have hated my job for years. Proud to be a part of this team with all of you! Excited for 2019!"


     "We decided early on to empower our Affiliates with access to our CBD For Zayn program. Every time an Affiliate Client purchases a bottle of our Award Winning Pure Relief Nano CBD, they get to send out a free bottle of Nano CBD to whomever they choose!" 



    "Global features the highest percentages and margins for our GlobalCBD.com affiliates, and we outfit our CBD affiliates with every tool they need to be successful. Starting with the highest quality Nano CBD products!"



Excerpt From Interview With State Of Mind Magazine July 2018 


    "We are the real deal. Our team is made up of real people with real life experiences that have forged an unbeatable passion for this industry. This crew is my family. We may be in different zip codes, but we are all one tribe with one mission."



Excerpt From Featured Film "THE AFFILIATE WIND" offered in all access. 


    "We're real people and have been on the frontlines of bringing The Global CBD Movement to everyone in need across the country. Seasonal marketing campaigns with CBD graphics, CBD strategy, training on our products, including our Nano CBD, are just a few of the CBD resources we bring to our people.

    Every summer we invite our teams up to Global CBD headquarters & hit the lake, sail, wave runners, the works to celebrate our Nano CBD & CBD products. To celebrate the people out there making it happen.

    We play hard, but then we settle into private professional growth & expansion sessions together for a few days. At night we let loose on this town. I'm not just a co-owner of Global CBD, I use Nano CBD everyday. I almost died four times while facing my own life threatening medical situation.  

    We don't sell any CBD products that we haven't tested, tried & continue to use ourselves. 2019 is exciting as we have so many amazing, innovative CBD products coming out every month. Looking forward to new Affiliates. We are only taking an additional 840 more Affiliates this year. We are looking for quality, motivated individuals who believe in The CBD Movement and want to help us get Nano CBD out to the world."



Excerpt From First Class Affiliate Podcast offered in all access.

Interview With GlobalCBD.com's Owners/Founders:
Question: Why do you think Global Nano CBD is sweeping across the country?
      "Well, our Affiliates are INSTANTLY OUTFITTED. They receive access to their Global CBD VIP Affiliate Resource Portal immediately. NO RIDICULOUS SIGN UP FEES." Stephanie laughs. "We're not here to make money off of sign up fees. We're here to bring Nano CBD to the world. To help families, friends, pets, neighbors... Our Nano CBD speaks for itself. Any endeavor that travels as fast and as far as Global CBD has must start with the undeniable quality of the product. In this case, every batch of our Nano CBD is 3rd Party tested and verified to be powerful, pure, and perfect before it ever hits the shelves. All of our products are employee testing safe. Our Pure Relief Nano CBD line is the most bioavailable CBD possible."

Question: What kind of resources do you provide to help your CBD Affiliates get Nano CBD out to the world?
     "Well, just to start with, we provide a whole tool box inside of their VIP Access Portal, filled with CBD marketing materials, digital assets, social media campaigns, education, and most importantly, training. We provide extensive one on one orientation and put a lot of love into training our Global Affiliates."
Question: What are Global CBD's most popular CBD products?
    "Global CBD's best selling products are undoubtably our Pure Relief Nano CBD Tinctures. We also see a lot of interest in our CBD Chocolates and CBD Bath Bombs. We maintain an avid focus on CBD Research and Development in our quest to bring new and exciting CBD products with ZERO THC to our clients and affiliates."