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Elevate Nano Water Soluble CBD Encapsulated for Maximum Absorbency and Bio-availability, Quality Tested Pure Cannabidiol Nectar Flavored

Nano Elevate Nectar 250 MG CBD

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Our new water soluble, nano encapsulated CBD mixers can be added to any food or beverage or taken alone for fast effective results. Nano Elevate Nectar CBD has a subtly sweet flavor that is almost tasteless when added to food or drinks, but tastes great when taken on its own. No artificial ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners. Add a healthy serving of CBD to your life however you choose with Nano Elevate Nectar CBD.

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED: 100% THC Free, Organic Ingredients, No Artificial Anything, Sugar Free, Vegan.
  • SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE: 2 Full Droppers = 10mg CBD, 25 Servings Per Bottle.
  • CBD CONTENT: 250 MG Nano Encapsulated, Water Soluble CBD