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Global Donating PET CARE CBD to Panhandle Animal Shelter About CBD Pet care...

It takes a special breed of human to do what they do at Panhandle Animal Shelter. 

Panhandles home-to-home program gives people who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to drop pets off at the shelter. Pets go from one home into another.

At the clinic itself we were proud to donate CBD so cats & dogs can be at their best, be themselves when being visited by their potential new owners.  Vets across the nation are carrying our Nano Pet Care CBD which features 200mg of Nano CBD


which is equivalent to about 2000mg of ordinary CBD.  

Keep up the amazing work.  If you want to get a new pet please consider their home-to-home program when it comes to getting a cat or dog.  So many go to breeders, which is of course a preference; however, if you are willing to consider a dog or cat that needs a home, they are not there because they are bad pets.  So many circumstances create situations in which animals cannot stay with their owners.  

To check out our Nano Pet CBD please simply click on our Pet Care CBD page.  Thank you for being apart of the Global CBD movement.