Being born and raised in Idaho where my family, friends and children are breathing fresh air enjoying the lakes, mountains and outdoor life.   We inspire children to understand life, earth, natural wonderful ways to keep healthy and focus on the benefits of CBD. Some of our world is so inspired to eat “organic” “natural” show love to animals and be healthy. If you are in the movement to teach and show your children that plants, essential oils, water, vitamins are what we should be directing ourselves to use first, what are your thoughts on CBD?  The CBD movement is sweeping across the nation for a reason and Nano CBD is on the front lines of all things CBD.
My thoughts first off on hemp vs marijuana are different especially when it comes to Hemp Oils, CBD oils with or without THC are not complicated and based on facts. The legality of CBD varies from state to state.  Can you tell me one time you have ever met someone who used CBD from Hemp and it made them act differently?  I mean different in a negative way…… or did they have less pain, a happier mood or increased balance to their life? I can tell you I have been in both industries and have not once had a client who has reported in the last four years that CBD with zero THC had a negative in their life.
Actually, I cry hearing how amazing some of our clients stories are, people have literally driven to our company corporate office just to give hugs for improving their life in relation to CBD.  This is not because they are high, causing car accidents like the misleading billboards in Boise feature. Let me also add (I would like to see the research for how many of these cases are involved with alcohol as well) and not Cannabis related products; especially not CBD with zero THC. Life is important and if we can provide natural based CBD products that do not cause side effect after side effect that eventually lead to a Monday through Friday pill box then where is the harm.  We all should have full access to CBD, Nano CBD & Hemp Oil just as we would any natural herb. 
I will continue to fight for our rights for natural based herbs, CBD, Nano CBD, CBD with Zero THC. There are legal herbs that you can get high off of and those are defiantly not regulated, WHY IS HEMP, CBD OIL and all the rest?!?!?!? 
We offer wholesale CBD programs, Affiliate CBD programs as well as a national CBD online shop all featuring CBD with zero THC.  
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